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Spa Pure Brom Bank Liquid Bromide 1 Pint

Spa Pure 1 Pint Brom Bank Liquid Bromide Solution is used with spa shock as part of a system for disinfecting water in spas and hot tubs. Brom Bank clear liquid bromide solution will remain stable in your spa or hot tub until activated with spa shock. The bromine in Brom Bank is then released into your system and eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants. Use this solution as one component of a two-part system with Bromine Tabs.
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Manufacturer Spa Pure
Technical Specs
  • 1 Pint bottle
  • SKU HAV-50-9050
    Manufacturer Part # C003402-CS40P
    Product Features
    • Clear liquid bromide formula
    • 1 Pint bottle
    • Remains stable until activated with spa shock
    • Releases bromine into spa after activated
    • Eliminates odors
    • Reduces irritating contaminants
    • Use as part of a system with bromine tabs
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