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Spa Pure Bromine Tabs 1.5 lb

Spa Pure Bromine Tablets contains essential chemicals for start-up and maintaining your spa or hot tub. A concentrated source of active bromine containing 98% Bromine, these bromine tablets dissolve slowly and evenly in spa dispensers to provide continuous disinfection of your spa.
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Manufacturer Spa Pure
Technical Specs

98% Bromine

SKU HAV-50-9011
Manufacturer Part # C002510-CS20B1
Product Features
  • Concentrated source of active bromine
  • Formulated to dissolve slowly and evenly
  • Continuous disinfection of your spa or hot tub
  • 1" Tabs fit all floating & automatic feeders
  • 98% Bromine
  • As effective as chlorine
  • 1.5 lb bottle - 1" tabs
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