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Blue-White 1.5 Inch PVC Flowmeter 10-70 GPM - F-30150P

The Blue-White Industries F-30150P Flowmeter for 1.5" PVC is for horizontal flow only and has a flow range of 10 to 70 gallons per minute. The Pilot tube (impact tube) design makes it easy to install the F-300 Series meters on existing pipe and it is acceptable for outdoor installations (direct sunlight is okay). Each flowmeter includes stainless steel clamps and corrosion resistant internal components.

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Delivery Time 3-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Blue-White Industries
Technical Specs

Meter Body: Cast Acrylic
Float: Standard range models = 316SS - Low range models = Teflon
Gasket: Neoprene
Pipe Clamp: 300 series Stainless Steel
Pitot screw: 1Â thru 2Â models only - 300 series stainless Steel
Pipe Requirements: IPS inch pipe size (ASTM-D-1785)
Max. Psi (bar): 150 PSI (10.3 bar) @ 70 F (21 C)
Max. fluid temp.: 190 F (88 C) @ 0 PSI
Max. ambient temp.: 14 to 110 F/ -10 to 43 C

Minimum Straight Pipe Length Requirements - The meter's accuracy is affected by disturbances such as pumps, elbows, tees, valves, etc., in the flow stream. Install the meter in a straight run of pipe as far as possible from any disturbances. The distance required for accuracy is 10 times the nominal pipe diameter before the meter and 4 times the nominal pipe diameter after the meter.

SKU BLU-56-4035
Manufacturer Part # F-30150P
Product Features
  • Blue-White Industries part number F-30150P
  • For horizontal flow only
  • For 1.5" PVC Pipe
  • Flow Range: 10 to 70 GPM (Sch 40 PVC)
  • Dual GPM/LPM scale printed on both sides of the meter
  • Corrosion resistant 316SS or Teflon internal float materials
  • One piece machined acrylic body
  • Mounts to existing pipe - No unions or adapters required
  • Mounting clamps and gasket included
  • Must be mounted at the vertical (twelve o'clock) position
  • Must be mounted on horizontal pipe only
  • The pipe must be completely full of water at all times
  • The meter can accurately measure flow from one direction only
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