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Sta-Rite Pool Products

Sta-Rite Pool Products

Sta-Rite Pool Products

Since its founding in 1934 in Delavan, Wisconsin, STA-RITE® has been a leader in providing products that you can depend on for the water you need, when & where it's needed. Sta-Rite is now a Pentair Pool Company.


  • Sta-Rite Filters

    Sta-Rite Filters

    Pentair's high efficiency filters keep your pool water clean, clear and inviting. Pentair filters come in three different filter technologies. Pentair cartridge filters' proven design uses special filter elements to strip particles from pool water with great effectiveness. Pentair sand filters are one of the most popular pool filters on the market today. For good reason. They are simple, effective, and require very little attention. Pentair D.E. filters use a natural substance that traps dirt and debris leaving behind sparkling clear, healthier water.Shop all Sta-Rite Filters.

    • Sta-Rite Pool Pumps

      Sta-Rite Pumps

      Pentair pool pumps incorporate innovative hydraulic engineering, refined over nearly 50 years, to circulate water more efficiently and quietly than competitive pumps. And, Pentair has designed them with convenience features that make routine maintenance easy and fast. Pentair offers the latest in breakthrough efficiency – variable speed/drive pumps – as well as above ground and in-ground circulation/filtration, specialty, utility, drainage, service, and spa and bath pumps. Shop all Pentair pumps.Shop all Sta-Rite pumps.

      • Sta-Rite Heaters

        Sta-Rite Heaters

        Add to your comfort and extend your swimming season with one of Pentairs' energy-efficient and reliable heaters and heat pumps. Pentair heaters deliver fast heat-up times, low operating costs, and long life. Rugged housings are built to withstand the elements, and compact, attractive designs blend into any environment. Nothing beats a heater for adding comfort to early morning lap sessions, after-dark swims or to extend your swim season to earlier in the spring or later in the fall. Shop all Sta-Rite Heaters.