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Oval Winter Covers

Above Ground Oval Pool Winter Covers

Above Ground Oval Pool Winter Covers

Even if you have a standard cover for your above ground oval pool, you’re going to need something more to properly protect it during the long and cold winter months.

There are plenty of reasons why you need a cover that is specifically designed for winter use.  Regular pool covers may provide adequate protection from summer wind, debris and dirt, but you’re going to need something more heavy duty and better secured for winter.

Winter Pool Cover Benefits

  • A Safer Pool:  By properly winterizing and securing your pool with a winter cover, you will reduce possible accidents like falls into the partially drained pool and can even prevent someone from drowning in ice cold water.
  • Longer Pool Life:  Winter covers protect your pool and its equipment from the ice, rain, snow, wind and other nasty things Mother Nature tries to throw at it.  By taking the simple step to buy a proper winter cover, you can dramatically extend the lifespan of your pool and its parts.
  • A Cleaner Pool:  Not only will a winter cover hold ice and cold weather at bay, but it also keeps leaves, branches, insects, animals, dirt, debris and just about everything else out. 
  • Less Preparation in Spring:  With a clean pool all winter long, you won’t have to do as much heavy lifting when it comes time to take a dip in the spring.


Above Ground Oval Winter Pool Cover Options

There are many options to choose from when it comes to getting a new winter cover. 

Obviously, if you have an oval pool, then you’ll be picking up an oval cover.  When it comes to size, your cover should be big enough to cover the pool itself plus some overhang for securing it and making sure wind can’t blow in.

Once you have the size and shape down, it’s time to start thinking about a mesh cover or solid cover.  While both provide protection from the elements, keep your pool clean and can be considered a safety cover, there are big differences between them:

  • Pumps:  Solid pool covers need to have a pump attached to them in order keep any water that accumulates at the center from weighing the whole setup down.  This could compromise the security and safety of your winter pool cover.   Mesh covers don’t need pumps.
  • Water: Mesh winter covers for above ground pools allow water from rain, ice and snow to seep through into the pool while catching debris.
  • Cleanliness:    The water that seeps through a mesh cover can still carry dirt and other pollutants that are too small to get caught in the net.  Solid covers keep everything out, so they provide cleaner pools and less pool chemicals in the spring.
  • Sunlight:  Even sunlight doesn’t get through a solid cover.  Mesh covers do let light through and this can lead to algae issues if you’re not careful.
  • Cost:  Mesh covers are typically $200 to $600 cheaper


After weighing your options, it’s time to look at warranties.

 Both mesh and solid covers come with a variety of warranties that are used by manufacturers and customers to rate their durability.  Most warranties fall into the 8, 10, 15 or 20 year groups.  Your choice of warranty will have to factor in cost, your local weather, how long you plan to stay in that home and so on.


Above Ground Oval Winter Pool Cover Accessories

Once you have the perfect winter pool cover, you’ll want to look at a couple accessories to make sure it works properly.  You might also want to pick up some items that make the whole process of winterization a lot easier.

Cover Pumps – If you bought a solid cover, pool cover pumps are a must have.  It’s worth noting that while these pumps are pretty durable, they will not last as long as your cover.  Expect about 2 to 4 years out of one.

Air Pillows – These small air pillows are used to deal with the pressure that freezing water can exert on the sides of your pool, deck or coping.  Also, they aid in helping a solid cover keep water off its center.

Leaf Nets – An additional net that goes over the cover, these pool leaf net covers great for making opening up the pool that much easier.  It traps dead leaves in the fall and you remove them before they get wet, frozen and nasty on top of your cover.

Cable – This is the material you thread through the loops at the edge of the cover.  Many covers come with cable, but it never hurts to have more.

Winch – Once you have threaded the cable, the winch is used to tighten it all down and make it secure as possible.

Cover Sealant – Winter cover sealant or even pool clips can be used to better secure the cover to the pool’s side and reduce wind and weather damage.


Installing Your Above Ground Oval Winter Pool Cover

While it might seem a little complicated at first, installing an above ground pool cover is not all that difficult and can quickly be done.  Here’s how:

  1. Complete all other winterizing – Since you’re going to be covering the pool, make sure that all other winterizing tasks have been completed.  Clean the pool, lower the water level to the recommended height for your pool, add winterizing chemicals.
  2. Add air pillows – Inflate and add the air pillow(s) if you are using them.
  3. Spread out the cover
  4. Place it over the pool
  5. Add leaf net – If you’ve decided to purchase a leaf net, now is the time to add it on top of the cover
  6. Thread the cable – Take your cable and thread it though the loops on your cover(s).
  7. Tighten it up – Place both ends of the cable into the holes on both sides of the winch.  Pull both sides are hard as possible and turn the winch slowly and steadily.
  8. Add extra coverage – If you purchased additional side coverage, clips or sealant of some sort, then now is the time to install them.