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Caretaker 3-7-650 PCB Replacement Kit

The Polaris Caretaker 3-7-650 PCB Replacement Kit includes installation screws, control board and sensor board. Used to connect the burial cable and pressure switch. This is a factory original Zodiac replacement part for the UltraFlex 2 8-Port water valve in-floor cleaning system.

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Polaris
SKU CTK-201-378
Manufacturer Part # 3-7-650
Product Features
  • Polaris Caretaker part number 3-7-650
  • PCB Replacement part
  • Connects burial cable and pressure switch
  • For UltraFlex 2 in-floor cleaning systems
  • Includes PCB control board
  • Includes PCB sensor board
  • Factory original Zodiac Polaris replacement part
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