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SQ1052 Pool Pump Motor 48Y Frame 1/2 HP Square Flange 115/230V

It is important to know that pool pump motors are not manufactured by the pump manufacturer; the motor will usually be manufactured by AO Smith, Magnetek or Centurion. Your pump's motor should have a label or faceplate on it which includes the information you need to replace your pump motor. The most important categories to note will be the horsepower (hp), motor frame (fr), voltage and service factor (sf). Some labels will provide you with a model number and it will usually be listed as CR or CAT.


Cross Reference: A100CHL, C48A44A71, C48A96B67, C48J2DE11, C48J2E11, C48J2E11A1, C48J2E11A3, C48J2E12, C48J2E12A1, C48J2E12A2, C48J2EA11, C48J2EA11A1, C48J2EA11A2, C48J2EA11A3, C48J2EA12, C48J2EA12A1, C48J2EA12A2, C48J2EAA, C48J2EB100, C48J2EB11, C48J2EB11A3, C48J2EB12, C48J2EB12A1, C48J2EB12A2, C48J2EC101A2, C48J2EC102, C48J2EC1024A2, C48J2EC102A2, C48J2EC104, C48J2EC11, C48J2EC11A1, C48J2EC11A3, C48J2EC11A4, C48J2EC11B1, C48J2EC11C1, C48J2EC12, C48J2EC12A1, C48J2EC12A2, C48J2EC15, C48J2ED11, C48J2EM101, C48J2EM102, C48J2P100, C48J2P102, C48J2PA100, C48J2PA104A2, C48J2PA105, C48J2PA105A2, C48J2PA105A6, C48J2PM100, C48J2PU100, C56H2B22, C56H2B36, C56J2B17, C56J2B18, C56J2B28, MTR262, S48B52B76, S48H2EC15B1, SQ1052, 165904, 168451, B524, B846, C1169, C1304, EB846, 14796, 19700, 7-168451-24, 8-168451-24, 8-168451-20, 5KC38NN2520X, C48J2PA105C1, 355371, 075232

More Information
Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer AO Smith
Technical Specs

Horsepower: 1/2 HP
Service Factor: 1.90
Voltage:115/230 Volt
Amperage: 11.8/5.9
RPM: Single speed - 3450 RPM
Rotation: CCWSE
Max Temp: 50 Degrees Celsius ambient

SKU AOS-60-5057
Manufacturer Part # SQ1052
Product Features
  • 1/2 HP - Full Rated
  • 115 / 230 Volts
  • 11.8 / 5.9 amps
  • Service Factor: 1.90
  • 48Y Frame
  • 48Y motor body diameter is 1/2" smaller than 56Y
  • Square Flange (Face)
  • 5/8" Threaded Shaft
  • All copper windings
  • Automatic thermal protection
  • Stainless steel threaded shaft
  • Double sealed ball bearings
  • Replaces Pentair numbers 355371, 075232 (Pump Model: CHII-NI-1/2F, CFII-NI-1/2F, WF-2)
  • Replaces Sta-Rite number A100CHL (Pump Models: P2R5C-180L)
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