What Size Of Pool Cover Do I Need?

First off, make sure you purchase the correct size cover for your pool. This applies to both in-ground and above ground pools. Do not buy a winter cover that is the same size as your pool. You typically need anywhere from 3-5 feet of overlap for your pool.

For example if you have a 24 foot round above ground pool (distance from edge to edge across the pool) you will need a winter cover that is 27-28 feet in diameter. Make sure it says FOR a 24 foot round pool - not measures 24 foot. This will allow the cover to overlap the edge of the pool where you can now thread your cover cable and tighten the cover securely preventing wind from grabbing the cover or leaves and debris from entering the pool.

 More examples include:

30' above ground round pool needs a cover that measures 33'-35' in diameter.

16' x 32' above ground pool needs a cover that measures 20' x 32' in length.

16' x 24' foot in-ground pool needs a cover that measures 21'x 29' in length.

Remember your cover needs to overlap your pool edges.

Here is a list of all our pool winter covers.