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Pentair EC-180009 FNS Plus 60 Sq Ft D.E. Pool Filter For In Ground Pools

The Pentair 180009 FNS Plus 60 Sq Ft DE Swimming Pool Filters gives pool owners an easy way to switch to the incredibly superior filtering abilities of diatomaceous earth. Filters using diatomaceous earth result in water that is cleaner and more clear than traditional sand and cartridge filters.

The FNS Plus has a corrosion resistant reinforced plastic casing allowing it to stand up to the harshest weather environments. The eight DE grids inside are curved to allow greater surface area for more effective filtering and each grid has integrated handles for easy removal. The efficient design of the FNS Plus uses large external fittings and low-restriction internal plumbing to maximize the efficiency of your pool pump. The FNS Plus can filter particles as small as 1 micron including dust and pollen giving your pool water purity that cartridge filters simply cannot match.

More Information
Delivery Time LTL Freight 5-10 Business Days
Manufacturer Pentair
Technical Specs

Effective Filtration Area: 60 square feet
Flow Rate: 120 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
Turnover: 8hrs= 57,600 Gallons

Product Documentation
SKU PAC-05-0085
Manufacturer Part # EC-180009
Product Features
  • Pentair part number EC-180009/180009
  • Replaces: PAC-05-0085
  • Grids included
  • Chemical-resistant fiberglass-reinforced tank
  • Attractive almond-colored tank
  • Easily removable filter grid pack
  • Hi Flow manual air relief valve
  • Continuous internal air relief 
  • Conveniently located 1.5" drain
  • Unique internal design for optimal filtration 
  • Compatible with all sanitizing chemicals
  • Curved vertical grids for max filter surface area
  • Tension Control clamp for secure tank closure
  • Leakproof plumbing connections
  • Valve Required - Not Included
  • Pentair 261152 - 2" Multiport Valve
  • Pentair 263064 - 2" Slide Valve
  • Pentair 261177 - 1.5" Multiport Valve
  • Pentair 261142 - 2" Hi-Flow Multiport Valve
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