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Natural Chemistry Pool Magic + PhosFree 1 Liter

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
Technical Specs

Directions for use:

Pool Magic+PHOSfree

New Pools, Openings and Initial Phosphate Removal
  1. Follow dealer instructions to fill (if new pool), balance water chemistry, and sanitize 
  2. Shake well and use entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L)
  3. Add to skimmer with filter running
  4. Operate pool normally for 2 weeks
  5. After 2 weeks, backwash/clean filter, and begin regular weekly maintenance with Pool Pefect+PHOfree (Note: Only start Pool Perfect+PHOSfree if your phosphates are below 100ppb)
End of Season
  1. Anytime before closing, shake well and add entire bottle contents for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L)
  2. Add to skimmer with filter and pump running
  3. Close pool normally
Note: Removes 300ppb phosphates from 20,000 gallons (75,000L). Ask dealer to analyze your pool water if area source has high phosphate content 
SKU NAT-50-918
Manufacturer Part # 15141NCM
Product Features
  • 1 Liter / 33.9oz Bottle
  • Provides fast easy start-up
  • Great for end of pool season
  • Open clean, clear pool following off-season
  • No phosphate build up
  • Maintains low phosphates all season
  • Prevents waterline rings
  • Helps preserve pool liners & finishes
  • Makes water feel soft & silky
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