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Leisure Time Renew Spa Shock - 2.2 lb Granular

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Leisure Time
Technical Specs

After each spa use:

1. Turn on filtration system.
2. Add 2 ounces per 250 gallons of water.
3. Run filtration system for 15 minutes with cover off.
4. Repeat once a week to help maintain clear, odor-free water.

SKU LST-50-889
Manufacturer Part # RENU2
Product Features
  • Removes soaps, deodorants, oils & organic materials
  • Fast-dissolving non-chlorine shock
  • Forms a bromine solution to quickly destroy microorganisms
  • pH buffered to prevent any fluctuations in the pH level.
  • Buffered potassium monopersulfate compound
  • Specially formulated with DuPont™ Oxone®
  • Same ingredients as Leisure Time OZ Spa Shock
  • 2.2 lb granular bottle
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