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Double 8 ft Tan Water Tube for Winter Cover

Our heavy duty tan 8 foot, 18 gauge double water tubes are designed to hold down your in ground pool winter cover and help it stay put through the winter. Simply filling the water tubes about 1/2 way will provide the extra weight needed to help hold down your cover under the most sever weather conditions. If one side becomes punctured, there is still enough weight from the other chamber to hold your cover down - no rush to replace a water tube in cold weather

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Delivery Time 5-10 Business Days
Technical Specs

Length: 8'
Gauge: 18 Gauge
Valve: Halkey Robert's no leak valve
Tubes: 2
Color: Tan

SKU NW1275 / HIN-70-1001
Manufacturer Part # WBT8DS
Product Features
  • Length 8'
  • Color: Tan
  • Holds winter covers securely in place
  • Heavy Duty 18 Gauge
  • Will not split as easily as 14- or 16-gauge bags
  • Recommended for in-ground pools or above ground pools w/decks
  • Double chamber water tubes won't roll
  • Halkey Roberts no-leak valves
  • Simply fill with garden hose
  • Do not fill more than half-way to allow for freeze expansion
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