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Dolphin 99958906-DIY 60' 3-Wire Cable w/ Swivel

Compatible With The Following Robotic Cleaners: Dolphin Triton PS Plus (99996212-US), Dolphin Triton Ps Plus W/Swivel (99996212-USW), Dolphin S300i W/Swivel (99996225-USW), Dolphin T55i (99996245-WIN), Dolphin S300 w/Swivel (99996221-USW), Dolphin T45 (99996241-WIN), Dolphin Premium W/Swivel (99996211-POISW), Dolphin Active 30i W/Swivel (99996235-USW), Dolphin Active 30 W/Swivel (99996231-USW), Dolphin Proteus Dx5i (99996212-LESW), Dolphin Mercury (99996207-MESW)

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Delivery Time 3-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Dolphin
SKU MAY-201-0020
Manufacturer Part # 99958906-DIY
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