Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 6-in-1 Clarifier - 32 oz

Natural Chemistry Clear and Perfect 32 oz

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Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
Technical Specs

Directions for use:

Clear & Perfect

Standard Dosage Rate (no premixing required)
1oz (30ml) per 6000 gallons (22,700L) of pool water
Cloudy Water Dosage Rate (no premixing required)
1oz (30ml) per 4000 gallons (15,000L) of pool water
  1. Squirt Clear & Perfect at recommended dosage rate per gallons of pool water over pool water surface, concentrating on deep water areas
  2. Squirt Clear & Perfect onto surface until you reach the suggested amount of ounces per gallons of water in your pool (Side of bottle has measurement marks)
  3. Run filter system continuously for at least six hours after application
Note: Clear & Perfect may be oxidized by high levels of sanitizer. Do not use Clear & Perfect within 24 hours of any metal/stain treatment products
Manufacturer Part # 03500
Product Features
  • Quickly clears dull water
  • Most technologically advanced pool water clarifier
  • Outperforms all other clarifiers
  • Ultimate 6-in-1 clarifier
  • 6 Features: agglomeration, coagulation, flocculation, adhesion, compaction & neutralization
  • No other clarifier performs all 6 of these necessary functions.
  • Can be used with all filter medias
  • Not pH sensitive; will not affect pool pH
  • Contains no dyes or artificial coloring
  • 32 ounce bottle
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