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Caretaker 5-7-300 UltraFlex 2 Water Valve - 8-Port - Complete

The high efficiency Caretaker 5-7-300 8-Port Valve UltraFlex2 In-Floor Cleaning System boosts pool cleaning capacity to a powerful level that competitors can’t touch. Perfect for larger pools, this valve is the only electronic 8-port system on the market. No other valve provides customizable run times, quicker cleaning, and less energy use.

The UltraFlex2 works along side pool cleaners to scrub and clean what the pool cleaner misses. The system uses high powered nozzle heads to remove dirt and other debris from areas the pool cleaner cannot reach and does especially well with steps and corners.

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Polaris
SKU CTK-20-8693
Manufacturer Part # 5-7-300
Product Features
  • Caretaker part number 5-7-300
  • UltraFlex2 Water Valve 8-Port - Complete
  • Cleaning heads sold separately
  • Superior circulation
  • Maximum cleaning coverage
  • Energy efficient system
  • Adjustable and flexible
  • Fully mountable control panel
  • Includes housing, gears, motor
  • Includes pressure swith, power cable
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