Applied Bio Black Algaetrine Algaecide for Black Algae - 32 oz

The Black Algaetrine formulation was specially designed to fight tough black algae. It contains copper and penetrating agents to kill and prevent the growth of even the most deeply-rooted algae cells. It allows for swimming without waiting and is compatible with all pool types.

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Applied Biochemists
Technical Specs No
Product Documentation No
SKU APB-50-8022
Manufacturer Part # 406303
Material No
Product Features
  • Applied Bio Black Algaetrine for Black Algae - 32 oz
  • Specially formulated for black algae
  • Contains copper and exclusive penetrating agents
  • Kills and prevents even the most deeply-rooted algae cells
  • Allows for swimming without waiting
  • Safe for all pool types
  • Will not discolor the water when used as directed
  • Most effective when applied in the morning on warm and sunny days
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine and ozone sanitizers
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