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5/8 Inch Pump Shaft Seal Viton Carbon PS-3865 - 1000V-9

The PS-3865R / SPG1000V-9 Viton Carbon Pump Shaft Seal is an extra heavy duty version of the 1000 seal and is made for use with chlorine generators and ozone systems. It is made from carbon graphite, stainless steel and viton rubber making is the longest lasting seal available.

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer SuperPro
Technical Specs

Fits the following pumps:
Pentair Whisperflo (071734S)
Pentair IntelliFlo
Pentair LA01N Letro Booster Pump (071734S)
Polaris Booster Pump
Pentair Ultra-Flow
Sta-Rite CF6
Sta-Rite CFA
Waterway Hi-Flo
Waterway Mustang / Workhorse
Waterway SVL56
Waterway Executive
Waterway Champion
Waterway Workman
Waterway SpaFlo / IronMight
American Products Eagle
American Products Maxim
American Products Americana II
HydroDynamics Hydro Power
Acura Spa MagnaFlow, Maverick, AquaHeat
AquaFlo Dominator w/ Copper Insert

SKU SPG-60-1001 / APCPS3865R
Manufacturer Part # 1000V-9
Product Features
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Same size as 1000 Shaft Seal
  • Part numbers: 1000V-9 / SPG1000V9 / PS-3865R
  • Cross References: 071734S, 071734, 39702001, PS1000, SPG1000, 1000
  • Longest lasting seal available
  • For use pumps working with ozonators or salt chlorine generators
  • Made with Carbon Graphite, Stainless Steel and Viton Rubber
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