Yellow Out Algae Remover - 2 lbs

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Technical Specs

Recommended Dosage: 2 lbs. per 15,000 gallons of water, concentrating on problem areas.

  1. Raise pH level to ≥ 7.8 before adding Yellow Out for most effective treatment
  2. Run filter continuously for 24 hours after adding.
  3. Yellow Out should never be pre-mixed with chlorine or other chemicals
  4. Yellow Out should not be added directly into skimmer basket or filter suction line
  5. Shock pool with granular chlorine shock 12 hours after adding Yellow Out
  6. Shock a 2nd time 24 hours after adding Yellow Out
SKU A5286EACH / COR-50-8062
Manufacturer Part # CS-1003
Product Features
  • Yellow Out 2 lb container
  • Clean algae quickly & economically
  • Natural, safe & fast 
  • Removes algae in 24 hours when used with shock or granular chlorine
  • Safely eliminates mustard, green, yellow, brown & pink algae
  • Regular use helps reduce algaecide use that can stain pool surfaces
  • Special formula, no harsh chemicals
  • Will not damage or stain pool surfaces
  • No brushing needed
  • Fast acting, dissolves immediately
  • Safe for use with salt water generators
  • Safe in any gunite, vinyl, plaster or fiberglass pool
  • 2 lbs treats 15,000 gallons
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