Understanding Winter Cover Warranty

8 year, 10 year, 12 year, 15 year, even 20 year warranty on pool covers! Sounds amazing yet at the same time confusing right? Yes, even we admit pool winter cover warranties can be confusing so we've decided to give you a little once-over on pool covers and their warranties. For starters pool covers are priced by their warranties. 8 year warranty covers will be less expensive than 20 year warranty pool covers. That is because higher year warranty covers are made with better materials and more tightly woven scrim.

8-10 year warranty covers are your basic economy priced winter cover and has similar qualities as the more expensive covers.

10-12 year warranty covers are your typical mid-range covers with decent quality at a lower price.

15-20 year warranty covers are made of extra heavy weight fabric and super strong construction thus providing a longer warranty life and a slightly higher price tag.

***Please note all pool winter cover warranties are pro-rated and covered by the manufacturer.