Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit

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Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
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Salt Water Magic Liquid
2. Use entire bottle for pools up to 20,000 gallons (75,700L)
3. With circulation pump running, add contents of 1L bottle to skimmer
4. Do not backwash or clean filter for at least 48 hours
5. Test water and adjust according to your pool professional's recommendations
6. Use monthly as a maintenance program

Cell Protect
Start Up Dosage
1. If water contains more than 400ppm of calcium or 1.0 ppm of copper or iron,
add 1L per 10,000 gallons (38,000L) of pool water
2. Distribute mixture around the perimeter of the pool
Maintenance Dosage
1. Use 1L per 20,000 gallons (75,000L) of pool water per month for best results
2. Distribute mixture around perimeter of pool

SKU NAT-50-404 / NC07404EACH
Manufacturer Part # 07404
Product Features
  • Monthly kit - includes 1 Liter Cell Protect & 1 Liter Salt Water Magic Liquid
  • Reduces phosphate levels - Near zero phosphate levels increases the efficiency of the generator!
  • Reduces organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter media, and generator cells
  • Minimizes pool maintenance and scrubbing
  • Powerful chelating/sequestering agents protect surfaces from metal staining
  • Prevents metal build-up on generator
  • Prevents damaging scale build-up from calcium and other minerals from forming
  • One kit treats approximately 20,000 Gallons
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