Polaris 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner

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Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Polaris
Technical Specs

Product Documentation
Manufacturer Part # F1
Product Features
  • Operates off the pool's return line, no need for a booster pump
  • Improve circulation by distributing chemicals and heat as it cleans
  • Cleans pool bottoms and pool walls
  • Cleans pools of all shapes and sizes in three hours or less
  • Ideal for vinyl, gunite and fiberglass pools
  • Can even be used under your pool's solar blanket
  • Will pick up even large debris such as leaves and pebbles
  • Will automatically free itself if it becomes caught
  • 10 Warranty on the Frame
  • 1 Year Warranty on the Parts
  • Includes filter bag and a 31 ft. hose kit.
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