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Natural Chemistry Spa Metal Free 1 Liter

Natural Chemistry Spa Metal Free is a highly effective metal deactivation agent that prevents staining and discoloration from trace metals such as, iron and copper. These trace may already be in the spa fill water or in water added to maintain water level.

Spa Metal Free should be used as part of a well designed spa maintenance program. Various metals like iron and copper are frequently found in domestic tap water. These metals can build-up and lead to staining on spa surfaces. Due to regular topping up of spa fill water, it is recommended to dose weekly with Spa Metal Free.

Metal Free cannot be used with synthetic polymer clarifiers. The polymers in both products are negatively charged; they will repel one another and cause cloudy water. Metal Free can be used with Natural Clarifier because it is chitosan based product and does not contain polymers.

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Delivery Time 3-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
SKU NC04133EACH / NAT-50-943
Manufacturer Part # 04133
Product Features
  • Does not add phosphates
  • Deactivates stain causing metals
  • Will not affect water chemistry
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and pool surfaces
  • Can swim immediately after use
  • 1 Liter bottle
  • 1 Liter treats 3,400 gallons of spa water
  • Recommended to dose weekly
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