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Natural Chemistry Spa Clear 4 in 1 Natural Clarifier 16 oz

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Quick Overview

16 oz Natural Chemistry Spa Clear 4-in-1 Natural Clarifier is a natural clarifier made from the shells of crabs and various sea life. Crabs and other crustaceans have a product in their shells called "chitosan" that attracts small particles of debris in spa water. Use to effectively and quickly clear problem water or to "polish" dull water by removing small suspended particles.

Spa Clear quickly clears cloudy water using Chitosan, which attracts small particles of debris in the water to be removed through filtration. Natural Clarifier is non-toxic and is compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces. Use this clarifier weekly to maintain sparkling, clear spa water.

  • Highly concentrated natural formula
  • All natural, Chitosan based clarifier made from recycled crab shells
  • Compatible with all sanitizers and spa surfaces
  • Specifically formulated for hot water
  • Use weekly to maintain clear, sparkling spa water
  • Does not raise filter pressure
  • Impossible to overdose
  • Very effective with high sanitizer levels
  • Safe to use spa immediately after use
  • Non-toxic and will not harm bathers, animals or the environment
  • 16 ounce bottle
Additional Information
Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
Technical Specs

Standard Dosage Rate: (no premixing required)
1oz (30ml) per 200 gallons (758L) of spa water

Cloudy Water Dosage Rate: (no premixing required)
2oz (60ml) per 100 gallons (380ml)

1. Apply Spa Clear at recommended dosage rate per gallons of spa water across
water surface, concentrating on deep water areas.
2. Using flip squirt cap, apply Spa Clear directly onto surface until you reach
suggested amount of ounces per gallons of water in your spa. (See bottle for
measurement marks)
3. Run filter system continuously for at least six hours after application

Note: Spa Clear may be oxidized by high levels of sanitizer

Manufacturer Part # 04013