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Salt Water Pool Conversion Kit

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  1. Natural Chemistry Liquid Salt Water Magic 1 Liter
    Our Price:
    List Price: $29.99


    • Removes phosphates and organic contaminants
    • Optimizes generator performance
    • Increases the life of the cell
    • Once a month concentrated formula
    • Helps generator run less often and more efficiently
    • Helps maintain low levels of phosphates
    • Reduces amount of acid added to pool
    • Dosage 1 Liter for up to 20,000 Gallons
  2. Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic Monthly Kit
    Our Price:
    List Price: $51.99


    • Monthly kit - includes 1 Liter Cell Protect & 1 Liter Salt Water Magic Liquid
    • Reduces phosphate levels - Near zero phosphate levels increases the efficiency of the generator!
    • Reduces organic build-up in water, on pool surfaces, filter media, and generator cells
    • Minimizes pool maintenance and scrubbing
    • Powerful chelating/sequestering agents protect surfaces from metal staining
    • Prevents metal build-up on generator
    • Prevents damaging scale build-up from calcium and other minerals from forming
    • One kit treats approximately 20,000 Gallons
  3. Taylor K-1766 Salt Water Test Kit
    Our Price:
    List Price: $34.99
    • K-1766 Test Kit
    • For use with salt water chlorine generators
    • Simple way to quickly check salt levels
    • Very accurate readings

    Kit Includes:

    • R-0630-A Chromate Indicator 3/4 oz    
    • R-0718-A Silver Nitrate Reagent 3/4 oz    
    • Sample Tube
    • Injection Molded Plastic Case
  4. Hayward AquaTrol Above Ground Pool Salt Chlorine Generator 18K Gal AQ-TROL-RJ
    Our Price:
    List Price: $599.99
    • Hayward part number AQ-TROL-RJ
    • For above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons
    • Installs into existing return jet
    • Quick and Easy 30 minute installation
    • Includes control box, salt cell, union connections & adapters
    • No flow sensor necessary
    • Digital interface with diagnostic indicators
    • Easy-to-read salt display
    • 24-hour timer controls pump filtration in 15 minute segments
    • Straight blade 120V/15A line cord/receptacle
    • Includes salt cell
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  5. AquaChek Salt Water Test Strips
    Our Price:
    List Price: $16.99


    • Precision testing of Sodium Chloride levels
    • 10 strips per bottle
    • Measures salt levels from 400 to 7000 ppm
    • Comes with complete instructions in 15 languages
    • Results in just three to four minutes
  6. Pentair IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator Power Center 520556
    Our Price:
    List Price: $449.99

    The Pentair 520556 IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator Power Center operates with a Pentair IntelliChlor Cell and can be used with the IC20, IC40 or IC60 cell based on your pool size. The IntelliChlor Salt Chlorinator uses ordinary salt to produce all the chlorine your pool needs to automatically sanitize your pool safely and effectively IntelliChlor produces the same sanitation performance as manually adding chlorine while eliminating all the drawbacks of manual chlorination.

    Pentair Intellichlor Salt Cell Brochure

    Pentair Intellichlor Owners Manual

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Saltwater Pool Test Kit

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  1. Hayward Digital Saltwater Meter GLX-SALTMETER
    Our Price:
    List Price: $176.99

    Using a Hayward GLX-SALTMETER Digital Saltwater Meter is the best way to accurately and quickly test the salinity of your pool water. Every saltwater pool owner should use the GLX-Saltmeter! Save yourself the time and money by using a digital tester and simply double check your pool chlorinator's salt reading.

  2. LaMotte Salt / TDS / Temp Waterproof Digital Tester
    Our Price:
    List Price: $159.99
    • LaMotte 1749 Digital Tester
    • Tests for Salt, TDS & Water Temp
    • Waterproof
    • Digital Readout
    • Range: 0 to 9,999 ppm
    • Memory feature saves up to 25 test results
    • Includes carrying case

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