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Nautilus Pool Filters

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  1. Pentair Nautilus DE Filter Grid Manifold 192193
    Our Price:
    List Price: $84.99
    • Factory original Pentair replacement part
    • Pentair part number 192193
    • Manifold Grid - Holds DE (diatomaceous earth) grids in place
    • Fits Pentair Nautilus Filters (NS24, 36, 48, 60 & 72)
    • Fits Pentair Nautilus Plus DE Filters (NS24, 36, 48, 60 & 72)
  2. Pentair PacFab Nautilus Stainless Steel Filter Tank O-Ring 152127
    Our Price:
    List Price: $27.99

    If the O-Ring is swollen or cracked it can cause equipment to suck air and spit air back into the pool through inlets and it must be replaced. Not replacing O-rings can damage your pool equipment, have a negative effect on filtration and decrease the efficiency of pool chemicals.

    • Replaces Pentair part number 152127
    • Filter Tank O-Ring
    • Diameter: approximately 18"
    • Fits Pentair / PacFab Nautilus stainless steel DE filters´╗┐
    • Fits PacFab - Purex Sea Horse Stainless Steel Filter
    • Fits PacFab - Purex PF35 & 50 Stainless Steel Sand Filter
  3. Pentair Nautilus / SMBW Plastic Filter Knob 076033
    Our Price:
    List Price: $11.99
    • Pentair part number 076033
    • Plastic Clamp Knob
    • Factory original Pentair replacement part

    Fits the following Pentair / Purex filters:

    • Nautilus Stainless Steel Filters
    • SM & SMBW 4000 Filters (after 1998)
    • Purex 800 Filters
    • Purex CFM Filters
    • Purex CFW Filters
  4. Pentair Nautilus Filter Automatic Air Relief Assembly 261003
    Our Price:
    List Price: $94.99


    • Pentair part number 261003
    • Automatic Air Relief Assembly
    • Includes Gauge
    • Fits Pentair NS Series Filters
    • Fits Pentair Stainless Steel Nautilus Filters
    • Factory original Pentair replacement part
  5. Pentair FNS / Nautilus 2 Inch Filter Drain Plug 195829
    Our Price:
    List Price: $11.99


    • Pentair part number 195829
    • 2" Filter Drain Plug
    • Color: Black
    • Fits Pentair FNS, Nautilus Plus, Nautilus, Sea Horse & Sea Horse FSH pool filters
    • Factory original Pentair replacement part
  6. Pentair FNS Plus / Nautilus / Clean & Clear Plus Bulkhead 194801
    Our Price:
    List Price: $72.99


    • Pentair / PacFab part number 194801
    • 2 inch Bulkhead with buttress threads
    • Fits the FNS Plus DE Filters
    • Fits Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Filters
    • Fits Nautilus DE Filters
    • Factory original Pentair replacement part

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Salt Pool Filters

Related Items
  1. Natural Chemistry Liquid Salt Water Magic 1 Liter
    Our Price:
    List Price: $29.99


    • Removes phosphates and organic contaminants
    • Optimizes generator performance
    • Increases the life of the cell
    • Once a month concentrated formula
    • Helps generator run less often and more efficiently
    • Helps maintain low levels of phosphates
    • Reduces amount of acid added to pool
    • Dosage 1 Liter for up to 20,000 Gallons
  2. Hayward AquaTrol Above Ground Pool Salt Chlorine Generator 18K Gal AQ-TROL-RJ
    Our Price:
    List Price: $599.99
    • Hayward part number AQ-TROL-RJ
    • For above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons
    • Installs into existing return jet
    • Quick and Easy 30 minute installation
    • Includes control box, salt cell, union connections & adapters
    • No flow sensor necessary
    • Digital interface with diagnostic indicators
    • Easy-to-read salt display
    • 24-hour timer controls pump filtration in 15 minute segments
    • Straight blade 120V/15A line cord/receptacle
    • Includes salt cell
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  3. Sta-Rite System 2 150 Sq Ft Modular Media Filter - PLM150
    Our Price:
    List Price: $607.99

    The System:2™ PLM150 Mod Media™ Filter is ideal for small in-ground and above ground pools. This filter is a compact adaptation of patented System: 3 technology from Sta-Rite®, so it handles dirt loads up to 15 times greater than sand filters of equivalent size. The result: you capture more dirt between cleanings and minimize time on maintenance.

    Sta-Rite System 2 PLM Brochure

    Sta-Rite System 2 Filter Parts

  4. Hayward AquaTrol Above Ground Pool Salt Chlorine Generator 18K Gal AQ-TROL-HP
    Our Price:
    List Price: $789.99

    The Hayward AquaTrol AQ-TROL-HP Chlorine Generator, also called a salt generator, is designed specifically for above ground pools up to 18,000 gallons. The AquaTrol system allows you to have crystal clear, silky smooth water at an affordable price. The AquaTrol chlorine generator takes a low concentration of common salt in the pool water and converts it into chlorine without all the harsh side effects eliminating red irritated eyes, dry itchy skin and the chlorine smell.

    Complete with a built in time clock that allows you to control your filtering time and your chlorine production, the AquaTrol saves you money by reducing filtering costs and eliminating the need to buy chlorine. Designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind, this system is simple to install in about 30 minutes.

  5. S.R. Smith 24 Inch Salt Resistant Pool Ladder - White
    Our Price:
    List Price: $334.99
    • The #1 choice for salt chlorinated pools
    • Sealed Steel - high quality stainless steel coated with patented StressLess finish
    • StressLess Finish (chemically-bonded polymeric coating)
    • Eliminates corrosion in extreme pool environments
    • Stays cool to the touch - even in extreme temperatures
    • WetTraction grip offers increased traction when wet
    • Sealing cap creats full encapsulation - no bonding required on rails
    • SR Smith part number VLLS-103EVW
    • Finish color: Radiant White
    • Includes matching escutcheons
    • Secured with 2 anchor sockets on 19” centers
    • Bent to meet at pool wall
    • White rubber bumpers included to protect pool wall
    • 3 Steps with Econoline plastic treads´╗┐
  6. Pentair FNS Plus 48 Sq Ft D.E. Pool Filter 180008
    Our Price:
    List Price: $769.99

    The Pentair 180008 FNS Plus 48 Sq Ft DE Swimming Pool Filters gives pool owners an easy way to switch to the incredibly superior filtering abilities of diatomaceous earth. Filters using diatomaceous earth result in water that is cleaner and more clear than traditional sand and cartridge filters.

    Pentair FNS Plus Brochure

    Pentair FNS Plus Filter Parts

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