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  1. Nature2 DuoClear / Fusion 35k Gallon Mineral Cartridge W28001 (W26001)
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    List Price: $144.99
    • Nature2 Gallon Mineral Cartridge
    • Sanitizes up to 35,000 Gallons
    • Nature2 part number W28001 (W26001)
    • Replacement mineral cartridge for all Fusion 35 vessels
    • Replacement mineral cartridge for all DuoClear 35 vessels
    • Destroys bacteria and controls algae using natural minerals
    • Reduces potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation & unpleasant odors
    • Will not harm pool equipment or stain pool
    • Helps stabilize pH levels
    • Reduces chlorine use to just 0.5 ppm
    • Mineral Cartridges last up to six months