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Natural Chemistry NAT-50-945

Natural Chemistry NAT-50-945

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1 Liter bottle (33.9 oz.)
Entire bottle treats up to 500 gallons of water
Cleans up organic contaminants like oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products and sweat concentrate in spa water
Removes built-up organic waste
Helps restore spa plumbing to original condition


Spa Purge by Natural Chemistry is designed to attack the build-up of organic waste contamination which is commonly the root cause of most spa maintenance problems. Lotions, oils, hair products, cosmetics and sweat are organic contaminants that can produce cloudy water, scum lines, bad odors, foaming and clogged filters. Using Spa Purge can reduce or eliminate the build up of these contaminants and allow your spa or hot tub's circulation system and filter run more efficiently.

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