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Leisure Time Spa Bromine

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  1. Leisure Time Bromine Tabs - 1.5 lb
    Our Price:
    List Price: $19.99


    • Concentrated source of active bromine
    • Specially formulated to dissolve slowly and evenly
    • Provide continuous disinfection of your spa or hot tub
    • Tablet shape fits all floating & automatic feeders
    • Low dusting makes tabs safe & easy to handle
    • Bromine is as effective as chlorine
    • 1.5 lb bottle
  2. Leisure Time Deluxe Spa Care Kit with Video - Bromine
    Our Price:
    List Price: $124.99

    Packaged in a convenient, reusable plastic container, this large assortment of chemicals comes in bigger sizes than the Complete Spa Care Kit and can be easily organized and stored. The kit contains the Simple Spa Care™ video and Spa Care Guide to answer many of the spa owner's questions and outline the Leisure Time Simple Spa Care™ program. 

  3. Leisure Time Spa Reserve 1 Quart
    Our Price:
    List Price: $19.99


    • Specially formulated mix of bromide salts
    • Becomes powerful bromine sanitizer when used with Leisure Time Renew
    • Renew sold separately
    • Two-part system is completely chlorine-free
    • No unpleasant side effects
    • Fast dissolving with immediate results
    • 100% bromine sanitizer
    • Easy-to-use liquid
    • 1 Quart
  4. Leisure Time Sodium Bromide - 1 lb
    Our Price:
    List Price: $22.99


    • Sodium Bromide
    • 1 lb bottle
    • For use with bromine tablets in hot tubs
    • Establishes an immediate bromide reserve in your spa when used with Bromine
    • Sodium Bromide is NOT a disinfectant on its own
  5. Leisure Time Bromine Test Strips - 50 Count
    Our Price:
    List Price: $15.99

    Leisure Time test strips are very simple to use, just dip the strip in the water one time and compare the results with the chart on the back of the bottle. These strips are stored in a patented Pop Top bottle to protect them from UV light and moisture thus prolonging their effective life.

    • For spas & hot tubs using Bromine as a sanitizer
    • Tests for Bromine, pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness
    • Simple to use - Dip once and compare results to chart on bottle
    • Quick, Accurate Results
    • 50 Strips Per Bottle