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  1. Covermate III Spa and Hot Tub Cover Lifter
    Our Price:
    List Price: $349.99

    The Covermate II utilizes an exclusive wind lock system which virtually eliminates broken or damaged shocks on the lifter resulting in trouble free performance. The Covermate III comes with two large 25 inch brackets for added stability. This lifter mounts higher on the spa, just under the acrylic shell of the tub.

    • Perfect for spas and hot tubs with limited clearance - requires only 6" of clearance
    • Mounts high on spa, just under the acrylic shell
    • Stylish, economical and strong
    • Utilizes exclusive wind lock technology preventing broken shocks
    • Includes 2 large 25" brackets for added stability


  2. Cover Rx Spa Cover Lifter
    Our Price:
    List Price: $164.99

    The new Cover Rx by Cover Valet is compatible with virtually any above-ground spa on the market today. The unique undermount installation plate allows the Rx to be installed on whatever side of your spa you choose and requires only 14" of clearance. Whether your spa is square, rectangular, octagonal, or round the Cover Rx will be a perfect fit and requires no drilling into your spa cabinet.

    Your spa cover is supported entirely by the Rx and does not place any unwanted stress on the center cover seam which translates to a longer cover life. The Cover Rx can be operated by a single user from any position you choose; from the side of the spa, from the back, or even inside of the spa. There has never before been a more complete spa cover lift.

    **Hot Tub Cover not included - cover lifter only**