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Bromine Vs Chlorine Spa

Best Sellers
  1. Taylor Test Comparator 2000 Series, Chlorine & Bromine 9058
    Our Price:
    List Price: $18.99


    • Replacement Test Comparator
    • Taylor part number 9058
    • Works with Taylor test kits
    • 2000 Series
    • FAS-DPD/pH, 7.0-8.0
  2. AquaChek Silver 7-Way Chlorine Test Strips
    Our Price:
    List Price: $24.99


    • Fast, accurate, simple - Results in 30 seconds
    • 7-Way Test Strips
    • Tests for Alkalinity, pH, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer), and Total Bromine
    • Enhanced Colors make strips easier to read
    • Trusted by Professionals and Homeowners
  3. Applied Bio Thio-Trine Chlorine / Bromine Neutralizer - 20 oz
    Our Price:
    List Price: $19.99


    • 100% Sodium Thiosulfate
    • Reduces or eliminates chlorine, bromine & biguanide in water.
    • Can be used in pool or spa water.
    • One ounce of Thio-Trine neutralizes 1 ppm of chlorine or bromine in 10,000 gallons.
    • Prevents pool downtime due to excessive chlorine or bromine levels.
    • Reduces sanitizer to safer, more comfortable levels.
  4. Insta-Test 3-Way Pool Test Strips - 50 Count
    Our Price:
    List Price: $11.99
    • Insta-Test 3 Way Test Strips
    • 50 Tests per bottle
    • Simply dip the strip and swirl three times
    • Results from all three tests are ready instantly!
    • Pop-top caps on vials provide moisture protection

    3 Way Strips Tests for:

    • Free Chlorine (or Bromine)
    • Alkalinity
    • pH
  5. Rainbow Off-Line Chlorinator #300 R171016
    Our Price:
    List Price: $82.99

    Rainbow Automatic Chemical Feeders are high capacity feeders and provide of the easiest ways to sanitize large residential and commercial swimming pools using either chlorine or bromine slow dissolving tablets or sticks. The Rainbow #300 Off-Line Automatic Chlorinator is a swimming pool chemical feeder designed to hold 11 large chlorine tabs or 98 small 1 inch chlorine or bromine tablets.

  6. Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator #320 R171096
    Our Price:
    List Price: $99.99
    • In-Line Chlorinator - Completely enclosed - No escaping fumes
    • Saves time, reduces manual handling of chemicals
    • No special venting required.
    • Fits inline to 2" PVC connection.
    • Holds eleven 3" tablets or ninety eight 1" tablets
    • External fine-control valve for precise feed adjustment
    • Includes two 1.5" PVC reducers
    • 50PSI maximum operating pressure
    • NSF Listed

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Spa Chlorine Dispenser

Related Items
  1. Floating Chlorine Dispenser for 3 Inch Tabs
    Our Price:
    List Price: $15.99


    • Floating chlorine dispenser
    • For 3 inch tabs
    • Child proof cap
    • Great for in-ground pools, above ground pools, and spas
    • Holds up to 6 tablets
  2. Kem-Tek Floating Pool Chlorinator with 4 lbs Chlorine
    Our Price:
    List Price: $36.99


    • Automatically distributes product
    • Self-feeding for up to a month
    • Works under pool cover
    • Pre-packed with 1-inch chlorinating tablets and directions; just place it into your pool
    • For use in up to 50,000-gallon pools
    • Available in 4-pound size
    • Can be refilled with 1-inch Chlorinating Tablets
  3. Floating Frog Pool And Spa Chlorine Dispenser
    Our Price:
    List Price: $17.99
    Floating Frog Pool And Spa Chlorine Dispenser for 3 inch tablets.
  4. Nature2 Fusion Chlorine Dispenser & Mineral Sanitizing System 45K Gallon
    Our Price:
    List Price: $378.99

    The Nature2 Fusion In-Ground Pool Sanitizer System combines the sanitizing effects and water clarity of Nature2 mineral technology with an automatic Chlorine dispenser for in-ground pools. 

    Nature2 Fusion In-ground is the ultimate chlorine and mineral sanitizing system for in-ground pools. By combining Nature2 mineral technology with an automatic chlorine tab feeder, Nature2 Fusion In-ground delivers water that is noticeably cleaner, clearer, and softer. Nature2 is proven to destroy bacteria and control algae, so your pool water will be sparkling clean without having to add extra chemicals. Nature2 is a natural supplement to chlorine, so it helps maximize chlorine investment, while reducing the annoying and harmful effects of harsh chemical use. No other system is this complete or easy to install, use, and maintain. With Nature2 Fusion In-Ground, you are just a few simple steps away from perfect pool water, naturally.

    Nature2 Fusion Brochure

  5. Rainbow HC-3330 High Capacity Chemical Feeder R171230
    Our Price:
    List Price: $229.99


    • High capacity for 1" hard plumbing installations
    • Ideal for commercial pools
    • Holds 30 lbs of tablets
    • Treats up to 40,000 gallons with Bromine
    • Treats up to 160,000 gallons with Trichlor
    • Rainbow part numbers R171230 / HC-3330
    • No special venting required
    • Completely enclosed system
    • No escaping gases
    • NSF Listed



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