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Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner - 1/2 Gallon

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Quick Overview

Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner is used for stabilizing chlorine in swimming pools from sunlight loss. Unprotected chlorine in swimming pool water can be 95% degraded in just 2 hours of direct sunlight. Chlorine will last 6 to 10 times longer in pool water properly conditioned (stabilized) with Instant Pool Water Conditioner.

Regular cyanuric acid with a pH of 2.8 is very acidic and it can take 4 to 7 days to dissolve. This can cause damage to the pool surface or circulation system depending on the method of application. Until dissolved, dry cyanuric acid will not protect chlorine from UV loss.


Natural Chemistry's Instant Pool Water Conditioner is not an acid (it's a salt) and has a pool friendly pH of about 8.0. Add it to the pool and an instant later it is in solution and ready to protect your chlorine.

  • Protects chlorine from sunlight
  • Will not damage pool surfaces or equipment
  • Protects chlorine the INSTANT it is added!
  • Concentrated liquid conditioner / stabilizer
  • One gallon will add 40 PPM of conditioner to 10,000 gallons
  • Works efficiently in any water temperature
  • Size: 1/2 Gallon


Additional Information
Delivery Time 2-5 Business Days
Manufacturer Natural Chemistry
Technical Specs

Recommended Dosage:
1 Gal raises stabilizer level in 10,000 Gal by 40 ppm

SKU NC07410EACH / NAT-50-953
Manufacturer Part # 07410
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